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Pulisic Lends A Hand To Memorial Painting

Pulisic Lends A Hand To Memorial Painting

Christian Pulisic joined street artist Solomon Souza at Stamford Bridge on Monday for a close-up view of the commemorative mural currently being painted at the stadium.

The 12×7 metre mural of Jewish football players and British POWs who were sent to Nazi camps is currently being painted by Souza on a wall on the outside of the West Stand to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day on 27 January. It forms part of the club’s Say No to Antisemitism campaign and is funded by club owner Roman Abramovich.

Painting began earlier this month and the process of developing the artwork is currently being livestreamed on this website. The final work will be presented during an event for Chelsea fans and guests.

Following the visit, Pulisic said: ‘The work the club are doing is amazing. We have an owner who is very passionate about it and it is great we can make a statement like this with the mural and show the world what it means and that we want it to change.

‘Football is an amazing platform for people worldwide to relate to and a massive club like Chelsea can really make a statement and help people understand what this really means.

‘It was awesome to be part of the mural and something I will never forget. It was cool to see the artwork up close and obviously it is really good with a bigger meaning behind it.

‘I hope fans see it and remember what it means about antisemitism and understand the importance of that subject.

‘It is super important to do things like this. Football can be a huge platform to show people what is right in the world and this is a great start.’

Souza was delighted to welcome Pulisic and admitted the American could take some credit for the mural after his hands-on involvement.

‘It was a lot of fun,’ the artist said of Pulisic’s visit. ‘He seemed to really enjoy it and we had some laughs up on the lift.

‘He’d never tried spray-painting before and it was an amazing experience for myself obviously. He helped me fill up a whole corner and it will be there in the final piece so he’s technically painted a corner of this piece!’